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The HCG diet works by changing your metabolism. While on this diet, you will also learn how to make healthier choices when you eat. The weight loss occurs while taking the HCG drops on a daily basis. These drops are claimed to help your metabolism kick into high gear to help you burn more fat. The HCG diet also works by having you take in considerably less calories on a daily basis for a period of time to help you to get down to your target weight and then you will go to a long term weight stabilizing plan.

How It Works

The HCG diet works by putting you on a very low calorie diet. This 500 calorie a day diet is then completed alongside the HCG drops to help you with weight loss. While on the HCG diet the drops will help your body to begin burning the fat already stored there instead of taking in new fat and calories. The 500 calorie a day limit is referred to as a VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet. By taking in less calories than you are burning each day, you will begin to see weight loss in a very short amount of time.

Basic Program Costs

You will purchase HCG drops depending on how much weight you want to lose. The plan suggests that if you are looking to lose between 20 and 40 pounds, you will only need a one month supply. The price for a single month's supply of HCG drops is approximately $199. This price also includes membership to the program as well as the ability to seek out help from experts and meal plans to help you through.

Exercise Components

With the HCG diet, there is little to no exercise components to speak of. The diet claims that you will be able to lose anywhere between 20 to 40 pounds in 30 days’ time without ever having to work out. The HCG diet actually goes so far as to suggest that you may not want to work out during the weight loss phase of your diet. This is because you are taking in so few calories during this time that you may not be able to safely work out while still staying in the 500 calorie range.

Online Support

There is a considerable amount of online support available for the HCG diet. This includes information such as meals plans and protocols to help you stay on track. Membership also includes a free eBook that talks about eating after your time on the HCG diet. One of the most remarkable things about the online support offered by the HCG diet is that you can still get information from experts after you finish the weight loss stage of the HCG diet. They can help you through the stabilization phase of the diet and even beyond that without having to pay for more membership.

Tips for Success on The HCG Diet

The best way to find success on the HCG diet is by making sure you take the right amount of drops each day. You will need to take 6 drops each day. The drops need to be put beneath the tongue and left there without swallowing for an entire 15 or 20 seconds. Then you will not want to eat for at least twenty minutes. Making sure you follow these instructions exactly will make sure that you get the most out of your HCG diet plan.

Who's Doing It?

Dawn always considered herself one of those women who was just big boned. She had tried other diet plans and not seen the results that she wanted. Whatever weight she would manage to take off during her diet would always come back when she went back to eating regularly. During her first weight loss phase of the HCG diet, Dawn lost an amazing 32 pounds. After stabilizing, she decided to go back and do another shorter weight loss phase in which she lost another 8 pounds and got down to her target weight in little more than a month.


1. Fast - If you are looking for a quick way to lose some weight, then the HCG diet may be the right choice for you. This diet can help you to lose upwards of 20 pounds in a month's time. After a short stabilizing period you can be at your target weight in less than two months.

2. Effective - No matter your previous experience with diets, the HCG diet has been proven effective. If you can stick with the HCG diet and the protocols through you are all but guaranteed to see the weight loss results that you want.


1. Difficult - If you are someone who struggles with hunger, then the HCG diet may not be the right choice for you. Because of the 500 calorie daily limit you may find yourself feeling overly hungry or not satisfied with your daily meals on the HCG diet.

2. Not Safe For Everyone - If you are pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant, then the HCG diet may not be the best choice for you. Because of the very low calorie diet used by the HCG program, it is not safe for women who may be pregnant or nursing. It may also not be safe if you are suffering from diabetes.


If you are looking for the fastest way around to take off 20 to 40 pounds, then the HCG diet may be just what you have been looking for. With the use of their safe and tested HCG drops, your body will begin to burn the fat that you already have stored. If you are able to comfortably take part in the very low calorie diet that comes with the HCG program and still be satisfied then weight loss is not far off from your future. And, if you’re looking to save money on your next HCG purchase, be sure to check out the terrific offers at