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Vitalicious Diet


The Vitalicious diet was created to help people lose weight without having to give up their enjoyment of food. On the Vitalicious diet, the key is to still eat enjoyable snack foods like sweets and chips but to replace them with lower calorie and healthier options. Vitalicious offers snack cakes, cookies, muffins and more that are satisfying to eat while being 100 calories or less. Most of the snack cakes on the Vitalicious program are only 50 calories and will not wreck your daily calorie count by indulging in more than one at a time.

How It Works

The Vitalicious diet works by helping you to control your snack cravings. This is done by replacing your high fat, high calorie snack and junk food items with low calorie and healthier equivalents that still taste just as good. This along with a healthy and low fat diet and regular exercise can help you to lose weight without feeling like you are having to give up all of your indulgences in life. The Vitalicious diet offers their own brand of muffins, snack cakes, pizzas and sandwiches that are all low in fat and high in nutritional value to help you along.

Basic Program Costs

There is no membership fee for the Vitalicious diet. Your main cost will come from buying your on groceries to supply your meals during the day. The Vitalicious brand of snacks all range in price. The VitaTops or muffins are approximately $16 for a pack of 12 muffins, $21 for 16 of them and $31 for 24 of them. The snack cakes range in price from $21 to $42 for a box of 24 and 48 respectively. The sandwiches and pizzas are slightly more expensive with the sandwiches being approximately $59 for a box of 24 and $60 for a 12 pack of pizzas.

Exercise Components

There are no actual exercise components to speak of when it comes to the Vitalicious diet. The diet itself consists of making low fat and low calorie choices in your diet, so that you will lose weight simply by cutting back on calories. Though they do not require nor endorse any particular brand of exercise, it is recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. This will allow you to make the most of your low calorie diet and help you to lose weight even faster.

Online Support

There is next to no online support when it comes to the Vitalicious diet. While you can speak to their customer service department about shipping and purchasing issues, that is the only online support that is available to you. If you are someone who needs a support system with your diet then the Vitalicious diet may not be for you. There is no online membership to speak of. While there are some "cheat sheets" and helpful tip emails, that is the gist of what online emotional support that there is in the Vitalicious diet.

Tips For Success On The Vitalicious Diet

When you are first adjusting to the Vitalicious diet, it is helpful not to buy your snack food items in bulk. That is because the temptation to snack will be higher, and even lower fat and calorie foods are not all that healthy when they are not eaten in moderation. If you are eating the breakfast sandwiches or pizzas for meals at work, make sure that you only take the correctly portioned amount to keep yourself from going overboard. Try and keep vegetables like broccoli and celery on hand if you find that you are still hungry after you allotted meal.

Who's Doing It?

Probably the most famous Vitalicious diet user is the woman behind the world famous Hungry Girl website. Now having made its way to books, television shows and news stations around the world, the girl behind Hungry Girl has long been a supporter of the Vitalicious diet. She often sung the praises of the Vitalicious diet back when the website simply offered VitaTops, which are the tops of bran muffins without the bottoms attached to them.


1. Affordable - With some savvy grocery shopping you can be a part of the Vitalicious diet for a low and affordable price. As long as you limit yourself on snacking to one or two a day, the boxes of muffins, snack cakes and sandwiches will last you a month or longer, which limits your costs considerably.

2. Easy - The Vitalicious diet is simple to follow. So long as you are cutting back on your indulgences, there is very little calorie counting and journal keeping. The Vitalicious diet does not rely on numbers to lead you to weight loss, but instead on learning healthier habits to carry you through the rest of your days.


1. No Support System - If you are looking for a diet that is less a set of rules and more a community, then the Vitalicious diet may not be the right choice for you. This diet is made for those who can be responsible for their own choices and it does not offer much in the way of motivation or support.

2. No Plan - If you are new to dieting and are looking for a set of strict guidelines to follow when it comes to food and exercise, then the Vitalicious diet may not be the best choice for you. There are no real guidelines to follow, aside from the ones in regards to snacking. This can make it tough to stick to for those who have not yet been able to give up their food vices.


If you are looking for a laid back diet plan that lets you still enjoy food and slip some snacks in, then you need to check out the Vitalicious diet. Affordable and easy to follow, the diet is a great choice for those who already have a handle on healthy eating and just need a little help in the snacking department. Get started on your Vitalicious Diet today with these great coupon deals from