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Primal Force

The Primal Force diet is a diet that aims to get you and your body back in touch with nature. With Primal Force, the goal is to have your body reacting as your ancestor's would have done thousands of years ago. Because of processed foods, the body does not react to food items the way that it should. Through a collection of supplements, the Primal Force diets changes what nutrients your body takes in to better help you digest, burn fat and simply live life the way that your ancestors did.

How it works

The Primal Force diet works by having you change what you eat, and what nutrients that you put into your body. With Primal Force, you choose from a collection of supplements to find those that best suit your needs. There are supplements for things like weight loss, sexual health, and bone and joint renewal as well. Along with clean eating achieved by cutting out processed food items, you will begin to see weight loss and health gains from your body's changing chemistry. With the Primal Force diet, you can train your body to not only lose the weight, but to maintain it once you get there.

Basic Program Costs

There is no actual membership cost for the Primal Force diet. The only cost to you is that of your grocery store choices, and the supplements themselves. There is no way to explain basic program costs because each person's choice of supplements will affect the price. Primal Force's Bali Slim, which is one of the most popular supplements in the diet, is approximately $46.95 plus shipping and handling for a single bottle, which is a one month supply. Primal Force's Daily Power, which is another best seller, is approximately $39.95 for a month's supply, not including shipping and handling.

Exercise Components

There is actually no exercise regimen whatsoever with the Primal Force diet. With Primal Force, you are intended to lose the weight with the use of the supplements alone. Though you can choose to work out on your own, there are no fitness plans to follow with Primal Force, no requirements on diet or exercise at all. This means that you do not need to change your routine when it comes to exercise, nor do you need to purchase any sort of exercise equipment.

Online Support

The only online support that is offered by the Primal Force diet is the online support for the store. The Primal Force store can help you with issues you may have with billing or shipping concerns, but there is no forum, no access to professionals, or any sort of connection with others on the diet. While there may be a collection of other dieters online, you would have to find them through your own searching, and not through the Primal Force program. The online support on the site does cover any returns, but they do not offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Tips For Success on The Primal Force Diet

The most important aspect of the Primal Force diet is sticking with your supplements. There may be an adjustment period of up to two weeks before you begin to see results. While Primal Force can help you to attain your weight loss and health goals with supplements alone, making choices like lower fat foods can help you to see those results even sooner. It is also very important that you take your supplements on time, and with a full glass of water. In this case, a full glass of water is classified as 8 ounces of water.

Who's Doing It?

Easily the most well-known dieter who uses and has flourished on the Primal Force diet is Dr. Al Sears himself. Dr. Sears is the creator of the program and also one of the most staunch supporters of the system he helped to create. Dr. Sears used Primal Force Bali Slim himself when he first began the program until he reached his desired weight. Dr. Sears now uses a combination of Primal Force supplements including Daily Power, Brain Support, Better Than Coffee, and Power Max.


1. This program requires very little change on the part of the dieter. If you are someone who is not ready to change your food intake or start up a new exercise routine, then this may be the best diet choice for you.
2. The Primal Force diet is relatively inexpensive. Because of the lack of membership fees and monthly dues, this diet is easy to pick up for those who are not able to handle the financial challenges of other diets.
3. The program is simple. Aside from following the directions about how often to take your supplements, there is very little instruction to follow.


1. No emotional or professional support. If you are a dieter who needs others to help you stay motivated, Primal Force may not be the best choice for you. The Primal Force diet relies on you to be able to keep yourself focused and on task.
2. No exercise regimen. If you are looking for a fully rounded diet and exercise routine, then Primal Force may not be the right choice for you. Because of the nature of the supplements, Primal Force does not include a meal plan or an exercise routine for you to follow.
3. There are no food plans or delivery services. If you are looking for a diet plan that will teach you how to make more intelligent food choices, then Primal Force may not be for you. The Primal Force diet relies almost entirely on the supplements, with no meal plan to be had.


One of the best solution for those who are looking to dip their toes into the land of weight loss and dieting, Primal Force is a nutritional supplement plan that helps you to unlock the primal nature of your body so that you can digest and enjoy your food in the most natural way possible. Save on your first order with coupons from