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Nutrisystem Diet


Nutrisystem has been a leader in the diet and fitness world for more than 40 years. Millions of people have lost weight with the program's meal delivery system and with the help of a supportive community. Participants are also provided with grocery shopping guides and fitness tools. Plus, you'll be able to lose weight for a lot less money than with other diet plans.

How it Works

Weight loss plans are available specifically for men, women and diabetics. After choosing the right plan, you will begin to receive shipments of delicious meals. Most plans come with 28 different breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. A daily tracker is also included to help you plan and keep track of your meals.

Nutrisystem uses science backed by the Glycemic Index to create all menu items. This helps to keep blood sugars more stable which can keep people fuller for longer periods of time. These foods are also perfectly portioned and contain the right amounts of calories, carbs and essential nutrients. None of the menu items contain any amounts of MSG or trans fats.

Many of the foods you will receive require little preparation time and some can even be eaten right out of the box. Imagine being able to indulge in breakfast foods like double chocolate muffins, honey wheat bagels and cinnamon rolls all while you lose weight! Lunch options include delectable favorites like chicken noodle soup, margherita pizza and cheese tortellini. Top off your day with grilled chicken breast, hearty beef stew and other mouthwatering dinner options. Cheese puffs, chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies are the perfect snacks and desserts. Protein shakes are also included and come in flavors such as creamy chocolate, sweet strawberry and smooth vanilla.

Basic Program Costs

One of the best parts about Nutrisystem is the program's overall affordability. Plans start for as little as $8 a day! This minimal cost includes all of your meals along with the additional online tools. You have the option of stopping or continuously renewing your plan after 28 days. You can even try the plan risk-free and are guaranteed a full refund if you are not fully satisfied within the first 14 days of starting your plan.

Exercise Components

The My Daily 3 personalized fitness plan has been designed to help you lose weight even faster. The program starts with a series of 10-minute exercises to help you get back into a daily fitness routine. This plan also makes it easy to fit exercise into even the busiest of schedules. Exercises can be customized to fit any fitness level.

Online Support

The folks at Nutrisystem understand that it is important for all participants to have access to a supportive community during their weight loss journey. Online discussion boards allow members to connect and share stories with one another while offering words of encouragement. The Daily Dose blog also features helpful tips on how to stay on track with your plan. Professional counselors and weight loss specialists are additionally available to provide guidance and answer any questions.

Tips for Success

Nutrisystem is one of the easiest weight loss plans to follow, and you can achieve the success you crave by keeping a few important factors in mind. One of the best ways to succeed with Nutrisystem is to vary your meal choices in order to keep your taste buds entertained. Even though you may believe that you can stay on the plan without any additional help, it is still important to stay connected with the online community in order to gain further inspiration and avoid burnout. Furthermore, you should stay in contact with the counselors and dieticians to maximize results and to ensure that you are losing weight the best way possible.

Some of today's hottest celebrities have used Nutrisystem to lose the extra pound and reshape their bodies. Marie Osmond, one of Nutrisystem's biggest star participants, managed to lose 50 lbs. while on the plan. Football legend Dan Marino managed to shed 22 lbs. of excess weight while sticking to his plan. TV personality Jillian Reynolds enrolled in a Nutrisystem plan for a second time after giving birth to her daughter and was able to shed the 30 lbs. of baby weight.

Nutrisystem has managed to transform the lives of everyday people as well. Sue D., a diabetic, not only lost 20 lbs. while on her plan, she was also able keep her blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control while still enjoying delicious meals catered to her health needs. Krista S. decided to try Nutrisystem after turning 50 and was able to lose 27 lbs. Christie and Mark M. decided to embark on the weight loss journey together and lost 24 lbs. and 22 lbs. respectively.

Pros of the Nutrisystem Plan

- Since the meals are portioned with the right amounts of calories, carbs and fats, you won't have to worry about stressing over reading labels and counting calories.
- You are not required to attend in-person meetings while on the program and can easily connect with weight loss professional and other participants online.
- All of the plans are easy to fit into any schedule.

Cons of the Nutrisystem Plan

- Nutrisystem does not guarantee rapid weight loss, and some participants may become discouraged if they do not see the pounds drop fast enough.
- Certain users may prefer in-person meetings with counselors and weight loss colleagues.

Nutrisystem is the perfect weight loss program for any lifestyle. It doesn't matter what age you are, it is never too late to lose the extra body weight. Visit to enroll in a weight loss plan today and be sure to save on your next order with coupons from!