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Dukan Diet


The Dukan Diet works by changing not only the way that you eat, but also the way that you think about food. With the Dukan Diet you will calculate and find your "True Weight" which is where your weight should naturally be when you are eating a healthy and fulfilling diet. You will then begin the four step process to lose the weight and to learn the eating habits that will take you through the rest of your days. The Dukan Diet is built upon eating natural and wholesome foods just like our ancestors did in ancient times.

How It Works

The Dukan Diet works by completely changing the way that you eat. By cutting out heavily processed foods, it is believed that you can lose weight and still eat as much as you want, so long as the foods are from the acceptable list. This includes 72 animal based foods and 28 plant based foods. The Dukan Diet is broken down into 4 different phases. First is the Attack Phase, where you learn what foods you can and cannot eat and start to build your foundation. Second is the Cruise Phase which uses what you have learned to reach your true weight. Third is the Consolidation Phase that helps you get back to a more balanced diet and finally the Stabilization Phase which will see you through the rest of your days.

Basic Program Costs

There is no membership fee for the Dukan Diet. You can become a member for free and take part in the program with only the cost of the book itself. There is a coaching method available, which is approximately $5-10 a month and must be paid in 3 month intervals. The Dukan Diet web shop offers items like food flavorings for approximately $10.50 per 4 ounce bottle.

Exercise Components

The Dukan Diet does not call for exercise in its routines at all. With the Dukan Diet, you are supposed to be able to not only get down to your target weight but to be able to maintain it for the rest of your life without adding any sort of exercise routine in to what you do. Though it is not included in the diet, most doctors recommend that you get at least 90 minutes of exercise a week for your health and wellness.

Online Support

There are two tiers of online support when it comes to the Dukan Diet. For those with a free membership, online support is limited. You will receive motivational emails as well as access to a wide variety of menus and food selection information. But you do not have access to a coach or someone to speak to about your concerns. If you are a "Coached" member of the Dukan Diet you will have all the same benefits of a free member as well as access to your own personal Dukan Diet coach to help you by answering any questions you may have about the diet.

Tips for Success on the Dukan Diet

The number one tip for success when it comes to the Dukan Diet is to stay consistent. You are given a list of 100 healthy and safe foods for you to eat. With this wide selection there should be no reason for you to seek out foods that are not on the list. If you find that you have gained more than 10 pounds back after being on the Dukan Diet, then you should begin at the first phase again and follow the instructions back down to phase four until you reach your true weight once again.

Who's Doing It?

Jason B. is one of the many dieters who has lost weight with the Dukan Diet. A father of 3 with a hearty appetite, he found that he wasn't able to stick to diets and see results. With the Dukan Diet, Jason is able to eat as much of the healthy 100 foods as he likes and still lose weight. Jason himself actually lost a whopping 56 pounds on the Dukan Diet and he says that he is hooked for life. Because the Dukan Diet is about more than just losing weight, it's about keeping it off.


1. Fast - If you are looking to drop pounds fast and get down to your target weight in no time flat, then the Dukan Diet might be the right fit for you. Those who stick with their phases passionately will see weight loss within a few weeks’ time.

2. Easy - Aside from having to stick to the 100 foods, once you hit Phase 4 of the Dukan Diet there is very little in the way of rules. You can eat as much as you want, so long as the foods are on the approved list.


1. Limited Choices - While 100 foods may seem like a lot, there are many food choices that are not available on the Dukan Diet. This may make it difficult to stick to your diet if you have to go out and eat at a restaurant. If you are someone who has to eat out often because of your job, then the Dukan Diet may not be the right choice for you.

2. Lack of Support - If you find that you cannot afford to be a coached member of the Dukan Diet you may feel as if you are lacking in support. If you are the type of dieter who needs someone to answer questions and help you through rough patches, then the Dukan Diet may not be the right choice for you.


Based on making healthy and natural choices like our ancestors did program for life, the Dukan Diet has helped many people to reach their healthier and happier weights and it has helped them to stay at that weight as well.

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